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In 1988, with the arrival of Keyvan Ghazi (3rd Dan) in Athens, at that time, with his teacher Yamada Toshio (5th Dan), they founded the SKIF Greece. The existing "Yamada Kan" dojo in Ambelokipi immediately created "Yamada Kan 2" in the Holargos with Abdul Rahman (2nd Dan SKIF) who, as a teacher, was doing his best at this effort. In the summer of 1991, the Greek Karate SKIF team was preparing to participate in the SKIF World Championships that were being held in Mexico. The teacher Yamada, did the impossible by training 4 athletes for over 200 hours over a month. That event marked him and the athletes as well; not only was their target of the World Championship so important, but the whole experience was a once in a lifetime one. This group was comprised of: Ghazi Keyvan, Abdul Rahman, Xanthopoulos Joseph, and Andrew Provatas. After the first successful participation in Mexico, professional collaboration with Ghazi Keyvan and Zarouchlioti Nikita begins. That was the time when SKIF in Greece was powerful enough το invite Kancho Kanazawa, President of World Federation of Shotokan Karate International, in Greece. From that moment on, Greek karateka had the opportunity to enjoy frequent seminars with many prominent teachers in Greece and around the world and participate in competitions with considerable success and several medals.These brought Greece very high in the field of martial arts. The above uprising culminated with the organization of the World Championships in Greece in 2009; one of the most successful events ever held in Greece SKIF placing Greece among the leading organizers of the World Karate.

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