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Toshio Yamada
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Toshio Yamada 8 Dan 

8th Dan Shotokan karate owner, he is one of the greatest Karateka living today in Europe. Toshio Yamada was send from Sensei Kanazawa at Europe during 1979.He practiced Karate at the famous Japanese University “Takoushoku” and he has teached Karate almost all over the world.

Toshio Yamade has been the Inspirator and planter of the Shotokan Karate International in Greece, together with his students Zarouchliotis Nikitas and Gazi Keivan.Amongst others he has been the instructor of the World Champion Liana Radicci (Italy) and the several times Pan European and Italy Championship winner, Tsankis Azade.Today he supervises his students teaching around the world.

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