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The value and utility of Karate in our time is multi-dimensional.First of all, it is a most effective method of SELF-DEFENCE, which can be practiced by men and women of all ages, including children.

As a PHYSICAL EXERCISE it constitutes a thorough, wide-ranging method of training of the human body. The dynamic way of executing a series of scientifically studied techniques makes a large number of muscles exercise in harmony. It effectively contributes to the isometric development of the body, to the improvement of the respiratory and circulatory systems as well as to the development of flexibility and quick-mindedness.

The harmonious development and co-operation of body and MIND constitute a fundamental goal of the trainees.The incessant personal effort and persistence, and the self-discipline, principles which the trainees ought to accept if they wish to achieve far-reaching results, can well provide a PHILOSOPHICAL system which may in turn be used as a model for all other aspects of life.

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